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SiteSolver Enterprise Support Services

iteSolver can assist you in many of today's information technology and system integration tasks. How can we offer such a wide range of services? While we focus primarily on Web Site Design and Internet Consulting, our skills and services reach far beyond simple designs. We provide simple and comprehensive system setup and consulting services. We also add value and support to your company through a strategic relationship with Bates Electronics and Software, a premiere Electrical Engineering and Software company. Visit our price list page to find out details on costs for these services.

Application Icon Design

Need something besides the same old arrows, doors, hands, and faces that appear on many of today's business applications?

SiteSolver provides custom icon designs for your business applications.  Working with your application specification and/or a development contact, SS can design any icon that you may need.  From concrete to abstract, SS can create the right design to increase the usability of your application interface. 

Sample Icons

Icon SampleIcon SampleIcon SampleIcon SampleIcon SampleIcon SampleIcon SampleIcon SampleIcon SampleIcon SampleIcon SampleIcon Sample

The above samples are the sole property of SS and
ADAC Health Care Systems. Use or redistribution is strictly prohibited.

Technical Writing

Have you ever opened a user manual or technical reference book that was so disorganized and poorly arranged that you spent more time in the index than in the body of the book?

Most of us have had an experience with poorly written reference materials.  SS can help you overcome the problems associated with the "organizationally challenged" manuals, reference books, and training guides that are an integral part of your business.

Working closely with your developers and other technical support staff, SS can help bring out the best in your user manuals, reference books, and training guides.  Our skills will help you satisfy your customers.

Good communication is an important key in any relationship.
Let SS provide you with premiere writing services.

Scanning / OCR

Want to turn that hard copy into an electronic format that can be stored, edited, and reused?  Need to add some life to your document or web site?

SS provides Scanning and OCR at an affordable rate.  Using a Microtek ScanMaker E6, UMAX Astra 1220U, and state of the art OCR and graphics software, SS can produce electronic media from your hard copy documents.  In addition, we can scan, edit, and resize your photographs for use in electronic documents and web pages.



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