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  Web Site Hosting Policies

In general, this set of rules is designed to protect both the interest of the client and SiteSolver. Most of this text is common sense, but you may want to pay particular attention to the Rules for Payment and Good Citizen clauses.

By paying for or using an account hosted and/or administrated by SiteSolver, you agree to follow all terms established by SiteSolver and you agree with all other conditions below. You also agree that if you break any of these conditions, you may be subjected to punishment up to and including the loss of your account and any monies that have been paid.

You are responsible for your account. This includes material on your account, actions done under your account (such as sending E-mail), and so on. In particular, this still applies even if you didn't post the material or take the actions in question. Your password is designed to protect you from anyone else using your account; if someone steals, guesses, or otherwise acquires your password, they can do anything they want in your name. Thus, SiteSolver users are strongly discouraged from giving passwords to anyone. If you need to do so--to let someone help you, for example--you should change your password when the other person is finished.

Note that some CGI scripts--sometimes called "message boards" or "bulletin boards"--allow arbitrary Web users to post content to a Web site. These are by no means excluded from this rule, so we discourage their use. If you do wish to have a message board, we recommend using one which allows you to preview all messages before they are posted.

  • Do not try to gain more privileges than you are granted by SiteSolver. This includes trying to get around resource limits or trying to obtain service you have not paid for, as well as the more obvious things such as attempts to break system security. Attempts to subvert system security will be addressed according to the severity of the offense, including loss of account and prosecution.

Note that while the text below covers specific cases, there is really only one general restriction: We prohibit any material which is illegal or whose primary use is for illegal activity.

  • Copyrighted material: This is off-limits, obviously, unless you either have permission from the copyright holder or the material is "fair use" (for example, a short quote from a book). As a specific note, software piracy is not tolerated on SiteSolver; users we find engaging in piracy will have their accounts terminated without warning and may face legal action. Software piracy is distribution of any copyrighted program without permission, such as commercial games (including so-called ROMs, copies of cartridge-based games).
  • Obscenity: Among other things, this includes all forms of pornography. Obscene material is not permitted on SiteSolver. On a related note, if you have something that's not obscene but that is of an adult nature, or something that could be considered "indecent", you must indicate that in some way, possibly with a "warning" entry page or a note next to a link.
    SiteSolver's position on pornography: We prohibit pornographic sites, since they generate far more than their fair share of traffic. We reserve the right to remove any material not explicitly mentioned above if we believe it reflects negatively on SiteSolver or if we consider it harmful to society in general or to particular persons. (See also the "Good Citizen" clause below.)
  • Account-cracking software: Breaking into an account, no matter what kind of account it may be or who it may belong to, is like breaking into a house -- you're invading someone else's private property. If we receive and verify any reports of software available from your SiteSolver account being used to break into other accounts, your account will be terminated immediately.
  • Software "cracks": These are utilities or documentation on how to obtain illegal access to software; for example, registration codes or programs that modify other programs to defeat built-in protection against copying or restrictions on use. While possession and distribution of such files may not be in itself illegal, their only use (or at least, their main use) is illegal, and therefore they are not allowed.
  • Resource limits: For the most part, we do not impose strict limits (disk quotas, etc.) on users; we realize that people may need to exceed those limits for short periods of time on occasion, and we allow for that. However, consistently exceeding those limits, or exceeding them at any time by large amounts, will result in penalties up to and including the loss of your account.
  • Security issues: If you use CGI scripts or programs on your account, the source code for those programs must be available to us for inspection at any time. Failure to keep current source available may result in anything from removal of the script to termination of your account, depending on circumstances.
  • Payment: The most important thing to realize is that we do not offer refunds except in very limited circumstances. Also, we do not, as a rule, allow late payments; unless you notify us ahead of time. Your account may be deleted as little as 7 days after it expires, if you have not paid. See the rules about payment (below) for details.

The "Good Citizen" clause: All SiteSolver users are expected not to engage in inappropriate or illegal behavior, including (but not limited to):

    • E-mail bombs (sending very large E-mail messages or large numbers of smaller messages with no useful content)
    • Spam
    • Harassment, via E-mail or other means
    • Breaking into or attacking systems
    • Encouraging others to behave inappropriately or illegally
    • Pornography
    • Gambling

By using your account, you consent to these limitations on actions and agree to waive any rights you may otherwise have or believe you have which would permit such actions.

If we receive what we consider reasonable evidence of any such actions on your part, whether or not such actions involved use of SiteSolver, we will impose penalties, including account termination and prosecution. Note that we will make no attempts to specifically seek out these actions (we are not trying to be Big Brother); however, should we hear of them, they will be dealt with. The purpose of this rule is to serve as a reminder that these actions are not acceptable in any context.


Other conditions on use of SiteSolver accounts:

The decisions of SiteSolver in all SiteSolver-related matters, including the interpretation of these rules, are final.

Should SiteSolver become involved in legal proceedings as a result of material present on your account or actions performed using your account, you will pay immediately upon demand all legal fees, penalties, and other charges incurred by SiteSolver, even if your account is terminated before said legal proceedings are completed. Moreover, should you challenge SiteSolver in any legal action and lose, you will pay all legal fees incurred by SiteSolver as well as any other costs which may be determined in the proceedings.

You will receive without complaint any E-mail sent from SiteSolver. We will occasionally send messages to all of SiteSolver's users; this is not a "mailing list" as the term is commonly applied to the Internet, and you cannot "unsubscribe". Note that this certainly does not mean you're prohibited from complaining about the content! We only require that you be willing to receive the messages. SiteSolver reserves the right to suspend your account, delete your account, or delete any data on your account, at any time for any reason with or without notice. (This doesn't mean we'll go around arbitrarily deleting files or accounts; it serves primarily to protect us against users who believe their accounts were deleted unfairly. SiteSolver reserves the right to change these rules with or without notice (We will generally give notice of major changes).


Rules for payment:

The duration of service paid for with any payment begins:

  • for a new account, on the date the account was created;
  • for a pre-existing account, on the expiration date of the account.

Payment for a new account, if not sent with the account request, is due 5 days after the account is created; payment to extend service for an account is due on the expiration date of the account. If a different expiration date is stated by SiteSolver for any account, that date will take precedence.

If payment is made by check and the check is returned for insufficient funds, the client agrees to pay all fees associated with the returned check. In addition, the client agrees to pay the balance owed by cash, money order, or cashier's check within 7 days of notification. Otherwise, SiteSolver may suspend and/or terminate the client's account. All monies paid to that point are forfeited by the client.

An account is considered delinquent if we do not receive payment for any outstanding fee for the account within a "grace period" of one week (7 days) after the due date of the fee. An outstanding fee is a fee which has not been paid for which SiteSolver has provided some service; this includes, for example, payment of excess bandwidth fees after an account has exceeded its bandwidth limit, but does not include fees for extending service for an account (that is, it is permissible to simply let an account expire if the account has no other outstanding fees). Delinquent accounts are subject to immediate termination. We may also, at our option, choose to withhold any future services from the owner of a delinquent account, to deny the grace period and require payment in advance for any future services, or to take action to recover the outstanding fees. Note that our processing time does not count against this grace period. For example, if we receive your payment 6 days after the due date, and it is not processed until three days later, your account will not be considered delinquent.

All payments are non-refundable once we have started providing service. If you choose to terminate your account before it expires, or if we terminate your account for any reason, you will not be permitted to apply any remaining time on your account to another SiteSolver account, nor will you receive any (prorated or otherwise) refund of payment for service you did not receive because of account termination. If you voluntarily cancel your account, you will be eligible for a refund if and only if you have made an additional payment for a period of service which does not begin until after you cancel your account. (For example, if you pay for a year of service and decide to cancel your account after a month, you are not eligible for a refund.) SiteSolver will make the sole and final determination as to eligibility for refund. Exception: Should SiteSolver's services be completely unavailable for an extended period of time, we may, at our sole discretion, choose to either refund an amount of money or provide a period of free service in compensation. In such a circumstance, we will determine the precise amount of refund or duration of free service at that time.

You will be sent at least one reminder of account payment 5 days preceding the expiration date of your account. You are fully responsible for being able to receive these reminders; not being able to receive them will not be a valid reason for extending the expiration date of your account.

If you require paper invoicing, you must supply us with an address, and there will be a service charge of US$10 per item sent by postal mail. Paper invoicing must be requested each time it is desired. If you wish to receive a receipt by postal mail as well, you must specify that in your request (and the same US$10 fee will apply).

SiteSolver reserves the right to alter any fee associated with any of SiteSolver's services or impose new fees with or without prior notice.


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