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 Shopping Cart Demonstration

The shopping cart below is an excerpt from Beaute de Paris ( link opens in new window), one of our small business customers. This cart can be used to make a test transaction on our site. The system is set to run in test mode so you can enter false information both on our site and on the secure credit check site without worrying about the transaction. If you want to see how the system really works, be sure to do the following things when checking out:

  1. Enter a valid e-mail address when checking out. This will provide you with a sample receipt. Otherwise you won't know how the system responds. All other personal information can be false.
  2. Enter a credit card number 16 digits long using alternating 5s and 4s (i.e. 5454545454545454)
  3. Enter a card expiration date of 12/2005

Following the steps above, you should be able to fully test the system. If you have any problems, please e-mail us and explain the difficulty.

Your final credit transaction will be processed on a secure server protected by VeriSign encryption.

Note: Each time you "Buy" an item, you will return to this page so that you can add additional items. When you are through shopping, click one of the "Review Cart" or "Checkout" buttons to purchase your items. This feature is optional and can be changed upon installation of your cart. If changed, the visitor is taken to the review page after each click of the "Buy" button.



Jane’s Book, Forever Beautiful

Dry and Dehydrated Skin

Total Skin Care Line for Dry And Dehydrated Skin
All five of the products listed below plus free Karité Body Lotion (7 oz) and facial sponge worth $31.00.


Almond Oil Cleansing Milk (7 oz)

$ 26.00

Rose Floral Tonique (7 oz)
$ 28.00

Shipping and Handling Fees

UPS 7-day
UPS 2-day
Next Day

All orders are shipped 7-day unless otherwise specified.
Note: Texas Residents – 8 ¼% sales tax is added to order.



Canada & Mexico - Par Avion
$ 8.95
Europe - Par Avion
Asia - Par Avion
Pacific Rim - Par Avion
South and Central America - Par Avion
Purchase products on-line or by calling 1-800-235-6646.
Orders can be charged to your MasterCard or Visa.



{ Texas time, ya'll :-) }

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