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Web Site Hosting Introduction


3 Months FREE Hosting
We offer a very attractive plan for those customers who wish to make a single annual payment. This special rate applies to Hosting Plan 3 only. Pay $540.00 (plus $20 setup if it is a new account) and you will receive the full year. You save $180.00. Monthly customers may choose to take advantage of this special at any time. Annual subscription will begin at the receipt of payment in full. Try us for a month, then subscribe for a year.

SiteSolver provides premiere hosting services. Our hosting plans are among the most competitive on the web. We provide full virtual account domain hosting as well as sub-domain hosting. Currently, we are updating our payment system. We only accept checks and money orders. We require that all clients read and accept our Rules of Use Policy. Payment to SiteSolver for hosting services means that you have read and agreed to terms and conditions set forth in the Rules of Use Policy.

You only pay on a monthly basis. You pay for the first month, and the second month is pro rated depending on your start date. All payments thereafter are due on the 1st of each month. If during any month you decide to discontinue our site hosting services, just let us know and we will terminate service at the end of that month. This policy does not apply during the first month. If you discontinue service during the first month, there is a $25 processing fee. All setup fees are non refundable.

Please note that we require prompt payment. If a payment is not received by the 7th day of each month, you are subject to immediate termination of your account. In addition, the account is subject to immediate termination for any checks that are returned for insufficient funds.


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